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Business Loan

For those clients who are temporary facing cash flow problem, this loan helps to sustain the business.

Personal Loan

This loan created to aid our clients financially, with the aim of minimizing their financial burdens.

Mortgage Loan

To secure the lender’s interest even if you do a private mortgage among close friends or family members.

About Us

We offer business and personal loans based on the type of individual and according to their financial needs. Each and every loan which is approved by the company is decided/approved considering the financial complications that the particular individual is in.

  • Our Mission

    These loans are created to aid our clients financially, with the aim of minimizing their financial burdens. For whatever reason, clients may find a suitable loan plan from our company that meet with their financial requirements.

    Upon selecting the type of loan by clients, our company shall process the applications and the approval of the loan is subject to our company’s terms and conditions. Processing period of loan approval shall be made to minimum as to quicken the overall loan process.

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Required Documents

An easier way to get fast cash from our loan division, just few simple procedures and fast approval scheme with optional repayment structures.

Prove of Income

3 months latest pay slip
3 months latest bank statement.


Photocopy of IC or Business SSM form.

Good repayment records

Latest water and electricity bills.

Big amount loan

Collateral required (eg. Property / Housing / Shop / Land Grant).

Our Rate

For the convenience of our existing customers, our company has special privilege for them for any new application of loan. However, late repayment by customers will also be charged with an additional of minimum cost of 12% per annum. Please take note that this may also affect the customer’s Credit Score and especially for those who did not perform repayment on time or payment overdue.

We have cater different range of loan schemes to match with customer’s requirements. Customers can surely enjoy our flexible repayment, low interest rate (as low as 0.88%), policy renewal and annual percentage interest rate (12% with collateral and 18% none collateral).

Calculation 6 mths 12 mths 24 mths 36 mths 48 mths 60 mths
20,000 3,933.33 1,966.67 983.33 655.56 491.67 393.33
30,000 5,900.00 2,950.00 1,475.00 983.33 737.50 590.00
50,000 9,833.33 4,916.67 2,458.33 1,638.89 1,229.17 983.33
70,000 13,766.67 6,883.33 3,441.67 2,294.44 1,720.83 1,376.67
100,000 19,666.67 9,833.33 4,916.67 3,277.78 2,458.33 1,966.67
150,000 29,500.00 14,750.00 7,375.00 4,916.67 3,687.50 2,950.00
200,000 39,333.33 19,666.67 9,833.33 6,555.56 4,916.67 3,933.33
300,000 59,000.00 29,500.00 14,750.00 9,833.33 7,375.00 5,900.00
500,000 98,333.33 49,166.67 24,583.33 16,388.89 12,291.67 9,833.33

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